The Quake Nations Cup Q3 TDM is about to kick off tomorrow with its first match. With 4 groups of 5 teams, you can then expect 8 matches per week during 6 weeks. Here is the schedule for the first (note that dates are subject to change):
- Wednesday 20:00 GMT - Germany Germany / Iceland Iceland & Ukraine Ukraine / Croatia Croatia
- Thursday 19:00 GMT - Russia Russia / Austria Austria
- Sunday 19:00 GMT - Netherlands Netherlands / Spain Spain (forced) & Belarus Belarussia / Slovenia Slovenia (forced)
- Sunday 20:00 GMT - Denmark Denmark / Czech Republic Czech Rep
- Sunday 20:30 GMT - Hungary Hungary / Slovakia Slovakia
Belgium Belgium already used wildcard for their first match againt Serbia Serbia. About Poland Poland, Sweden Sweden, France France and United Kingdom United Kingdom, they will play their first match during Week 2 since the groups are made of 5 teams each.

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