There's a new unofficial Warsow Beta around on the net! Note it's nothing official or public, but the url was posted on the forum so I assume it's not as internal as stated :p.

This is the first release after the official alpha (0.2) release of 2003. It contains three (unfinished?) maps and all weapon models, but missing sounds. Still very playable for a silent internal release :). So Grab it and start playing!

This could help you to wait some more weeks until next public release :
Warning, this build isn't in any way supposed to be some kind of official alpha release. This is only internal stuff, ok ? ^^

I've played it a bit, doesn't feel really solid but that's understandable as it's far from complete. So don't judge it from this beta :p. The movement system is very interesting imo, kindof q2-ish with an unreal twist :) (the (wall)dodges). Can't wait for the official public beta :).

By the way I'm just assuming it's ok for me to post this as it is readable to all on their forums. And I'm not sure wether this should be a newspost or forumpost, as I don't understand a whole lot of ESR.
Anyway, enjoy...