One of the first Warsow leagues with monetary prizes is now official. The Warsow Duel Championship series will host events all over Europe, starting with Sweden. Who is the best dueler in this fast-paced, tactical and addictive FPS game? The 2 duelers who gets the chance to compete will both win money regardless of their placement, but who will finish 1st, taking home the majority of the prize pool and the rights to call themselves the master of Swedish Warsow?

Prize pool is split as seen below:

1st: 1,000 SEK (~122 USD)

2nd: 500 SEK (~61 USD)

Hopefully WDC will also host online regional tournaments in other parts of Europe, to assemble the best dueler from many different countries. This, however, depends a lot on cash donations from players and if people are still interested in competing.

The competitors of the Swedish WDC will be updated soon.

Demo of the duel match will hopefully be uploaded afterwards.
Let's hope its going to be a blast.