So as some of you might have heard, QLWC is a spontaneous event basically identical to DFWC but for us QL players to have a bit of fun.

The community is quite small, at first we were not really planning to announce it anywhere outside of the discord servers but after seeing that the word was spreading anyways i decided to create this post kind of last minute.

In fact the Tournament already started with "round 0" which is a warmup map which can be played until saturday the 24th.
This map doesnt count towards the rankings unless 2 players have the same points by the end of round 4. Then it will be used as a tie breaker map.

Prize pool: 800$ USD (200$USD per mode)

To submit your demos and donate towards the Tournaments prize pool contact Extremerz#7016 in discord, who is the host of the event.

This year, we have CrazyAl 's crew that will review the demos on Twitch/Youtube after each round on Mondays at 11:30 CST
So i'm asking for top 5 to send submit the demos in the next 24 hours after the end of the round. The top 3 of each mode MUST submit the demo.
Please keep in mind this is a friendly competition so keep it fun and friendly.


VQL Strafe
Germany Exkalibur 100$
Poland n00k1e 60$
France delta 40$
VQL Weapon
France delta 100$
Germany Exkalibur 60$
Norway soup-tt 40$
PQL Strafe
Italy tuccs 100$
France delta 60$
Russia p0thunter 40$
PQL Weapon
France delta 100$
Norway soup-tt 60$
Turkey Charlatan 40$

Thank you and GLHF))

Stream: TimConLAN
Links: Discord, QLRace Leaderboards