once you'll see this test you'll see why i'm still not 100% fixed mentally speaking, even tho I'm on meds. And prolly will never be. I'll always have insanity in me that people won't ever understand, at least on earth.

Now listen, I might not be the most sane person on earth let alone EU nor France, but I'm prolly the most sane person in the whole universe.

Being the most sane person on earth = on other far far away planets, with life on them, often even intelligent life, will make you literally insane in front of "aliens" that live there.

There are actually multiple ways to approach what we usually call intelligence, intelligence at the end, and even as a result pure sanity, is still something we can't explain fully in 2020.

Something that is useless in 2020 doesn't mean will still be useless in 2033+. Look, for example, in the past, we used to fight with swords and shields, and that worked perfectly well, but now try to fight an army with swords and shields only, you'll get literally dominated but any nowadays army weapons.

Time and patience is key. When "aliens" will start to colonize earth, or like literally change the way most humans thinking processes work, I'll already be ready to collaborate with them and understand them, unlike most sane person on earth in 2020.

The infinity of the universe and the way time tends to "travel" across multiple different spaces, make it so nothing is set to stone nor definitive.

We can't actually predict what will happen in 100 billions years, neither even in 10 years (with being 110% accurate in our predictions). You'll then start to ask me, but what about your predictions ? How can you be so sure of yourself ? You're just driven by your mental illness else anything you can say about the future etc doesn't make much sense at all and is biased. Remember, we actually killed Jesus, we never stopped to fight each others with ideologies and all those things that serve as arguments to make killing and/or hurting people actually legitimate.

I actually consider myself as a new Prophet, prolly 1% will understand me in 2020, but when the right time will come, I'll start to strike back and most people will actually realize that insanity was the solution to understand new form of intelligence(s).

My goal in life is now to survive and be patient.