For those idiots in previous thread

From Base(ELO 2350) interview What is your feeling about Quake Champions at this moment? Is it a fairly playable product or does it still require a lot of changes?

baSe: Surely there is a lot of work for developers to fix and to alter. For example, duels are changed with the new 3-frags mechanic. I’d like to see the classic duel mode. Quake Champions has great potential if the developers pay attention to it. Let’s hope they will listen to us, since the community gives a huge amount of feedback. Continuing on the theme of duel, do you think that the developers messed up a bit with this format? The matches will be rather short, which can negatively affect the entertainment. Or is this a fresh look at the duel discipline?

baSe: Duel was certainly simplified. The possibility of total control of the map is removed, it is impossible to collect all the armors on the map. The current duel design gives a great advantage to players with strong aim. I prefer the classical mode, but the developers have different views, and I can understand that. Constant skirmishes give more entertainment to the viewers.

Agent(ELO 2650)
instagib+clan arena = DUEL QUAKE CHAMPIONS
War for railgun))) who make damage first is win) DUEL QUAKE CHAMPIONS!!! No reason to control map in duel
A huge bullshit)))) DUEL lol)))))))
You can win game in 20 seconds))))))))

Toxic(ELO 26xx when in tournament)

"one mistake and you die" (CS style)

Cooller(ELO 26xx when in tournament)

"pff....25 and 35 for armor and mega were more fun" (means "map control" was simplified)

"Slash is weak champion absolutely for duel"

when he play with Nitrino(Clutch)
"drop this bullshit robo, he eats everything, lol"

about Ruins of Sarnath
"Armor(100) and Mega in the center of map, this is bullshit, just go center and play"
"Random map, who take first rocket damage lost frag mostly"

After playing with Cypher
"he choosed Galena and Clucth against me and lost in duel, they weak, lol"

What do you think about Quake Champions?
"well...nothing that least they added something new"

When playing duel with someone on BC
"Bullshit spawn on mega alltimes!!!, i want to spawn on Red!!!" ( means also, that "round system" brings more bullshit spawns).

About duels
"Evil and Cypher cant'n play in QC duel perfect as thay can in QL, because less dodging moments. Many players will play equal, there will be no super favorite" (it means "simple duels")

Cypher (ELO 27xx from last tournament)

"I think QC has potential, if they do everything right. I dont want to talk about bad things, because of NAVI and CS:GO story" (means QC not ideal in gameplay)

Rapha (ELO 28xx)

"I prefer 10 minutes duel. More maps can be played...etc.." (means "round system"
is bad idea)

I'm too lazy to search timestamps in video for Rapha,Cypher and Cooller ;)