To keep it semi short ive been playing QL for 7 months now around 1500-1600 elo. This is my first arena fps, ive been lurking these forums for a few months soaking up all the info I can gather I feel im on a decent track to improving in positioning, timing, map awareness but my real struggle is sensitivity. I cant find whats comfortable and consistent for me im wondering what you would recommend. The problem being is I have early onset parkinsons disease (had it for 2 years now) its been slowly getting worse and im realizing i might not be able to play pc games in a few years from now. In the mean time I would still like to enjoy quake as best as possible. Currently im on 400 dpi 1.57 sens 0.04 accel 2.40 cap and i also use turn binds instead of wasd i use okl; (left handed) and j is binded to +left ' is binded to +right. This is probably the fastest sens ive played at in awhile and I heavily rely on using turn binds for jumps and close encounters. What would you recommend I try? lower sens more accel, use accel offset, low sens in general? I really dont know what to do. Thank you for taking the time to read this and would appreciate so tips.