Some retard in bethesda banned me for NDA when i havent said anything so now can say my impression on this game.
This game is almost shit with this champions
If you have anarki and you take red and mega you are pretty impossbile to kill, just use injection and get full life again.Is like shafting anarki for 30 min and he just use injection and then kill you.
Galena is fucking broken sometime rail in his body is not hitted.
Rocket is shit delayed 1 second and with netcode if you have 60 ping is like 2/3 second.
Rail is 80 dmg and if you use scope is 100 dmg, so if you scope you can instashot champions with lower life like anarki.
Netcode and hit reg is broken sometime hit is not registered.
Fps performance is fucking bad with 180 fps you drop to 100 without reason.
Sound is shit you cant hear any step.
enemy visibility is shit you dont have any green bright skin or enemy outline just shitty tringle in head invisibile 90% of the time
Lg have shitty particles which cover the visual on enemy.
TDM is good for newbs weapon spawn after 5 second and is the only thing good.
Oh red and mega now spawn every 30 second