I have asked a few forums about this. And no one seems to know. So try here hoping someone has any idea what is going on.
My cursor is moving oddly. In that sense that it might have acceleration, but I have it off. I have problems hitting icons in windows, and gaming is a nightmare because everything is so hard because of this.

- Have tried several mice. They all act the same.
- Have tried on different pc, they all work perfectly on other.
- Acceleration is turned off. 6/11 sensitivity in windows.

I use GPU Scaling ON. But I tried with it off. And on different resolutions, and the problem is still there.
Explanation of how this problem feels or manifests itself:

- When I circle the cursor on one area on the mouse pad. The circling on the screen ends up moving a little-by-little downwards to the left - for every revolution/circle on the pad. And in the end, my cursor is in the bottom corner of the screen, yet my mouse is in the same spot as it has always been.

Feels like X-axis and Y-axis sensitivity is different.

Please help