People qq because a 'pro' good player good VAC banned. But obviously this is wrong right?

You cry and cry for anti cheat and then when a anti cheat system takes place and you sas more.

I remember the time when everyone here shitted on id for not offering an anticheat solution for QL. Now there is one but it hits someone you like and you go wah wah again. Seriously

And for those retards saying innocent until proven guilty are deluded. Thats what the vac is for and wtf are 125fps admins doing. Ban the guy from everything UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. Lets see a message you sent to valve questioning the vacban base?

Why did base start making all those videos? To fool you guys to believe he is a good guy. All your smartass' who been around for a long time are brainwashed and cant see paat the basics.

One example of one of the fools: t0rte:
innocent until proven guilty

For my view on it, just stick with the anti cheats decision and wait until he is proven INNOCENT. Its only logical regardles and his achievements. I.e. kqly

Would you allow a not so skilled player to play in the 125fps cups if they recieved a ban...?

Im not saying he has cheated because i dont watch this game anymore, but with a vac you have to be suspicious.

Tl;dr: Guilty until proven innocent.