base excuse to 125fps admins: "lol i got hacked"
125fps admins response: "lol those pranksters, get another account"
base new accounts:

we know for sure base account was used to cheat, since he said he got hacked, meaning it was for sure a ban for cheats and not a random vac for something else (dont even know what something else could've been)
when he got banned, 7 days ago, he didn't communicate at all
instead he changed his name enough times on steam so that his alias wouldnt show on steam name history, changed his avatar and deleted all his friends
only when this thread came up on esr he came out and said "i got hacked", 5 days after it happens
seems more like the behaviour of someone that got caught than the one of someone who got hacked

:O) more drama pls


ps.: expecting base to rename to yay0 for next 125fps cup