The QuakeCon 2015 Quake Live Tri-Master Tournament is taking place in Dallas on the 23rd-25th of July. Russia Deliberate murder (Cooller, Pavel, Latrommi and 421) are calling for your help to secure their attendance at this international event!

The team have funds to pay for part of their trip to America, but acquiring the remaining funds would mean the world to them. 102 wants to show the community that they have the top TDM and Duel players and that they are capable of taking the Tri-Masters trophy back to them.

An Indiegogo campaign has been set up with a number of different perks available for different donation amounts. The list ranges from lessons with Cooller to being part of a Bo3 TDM showmatch.

It is important to note that the Deliberate murder team is going to America in order to become champion. If 102 are able to win the Tri-Masters event then money donated will be refunded!

Links: 102's Indiegogo campaign