Seriously, I'm sick of being kicked because apparently I'm warping or lagging.

IT'S FUCKING ALRIGHT ON MY SCREEN. Yes, sometimes it's not as good as it should be, but on my side my screen is smooth and the game flows fucking well.

For fucks sake I'm tired of these fat kids who expect their games to be full of luxury: they kick someone when it's 5v4 or so or they kick you because they missed their shot on you because apprently you "warped". Bitch, it's not as if I was literally teleporting and having 999s every two seconds.

How can I fix that? I don't give a fuck about how people see me playing as long as my game quality is good at home. I've been playing 7 years on a game with pure lags and a shitty computers and now that I'm playing QuakeLive with no lags on my side I'm not going to give a fucking care about what people complain about and I'm not going back into the abbyss of the CFG CVARS world.