I'm using a Razer Deathadder Black. A friend of mine bought it for me shortly after my Tt Esports Black mouse died (broke, not died). I also got a free WMO, but for high sens players such as myself, it's not optimal. I also need side buttons.

Basically, my problem is: when I lift my mouse up and put it back down, it makes a loud, obnoxious sound, as if all the components aren't held down and so they shake. My Thermaltake mouse didn't have this problem, and it's the biggest issue with this mouse, after the terrible scroll wheel and the 4-5 (!!) CDs of LOD, which was solved by taping up the sensor.

Maybe a TKL keyboard would give me the space I need to move without having to lift the mouse as much, but I don't want to buy a third keyboard, especially since this one is semi-rare and really damn good.

So, if someone knows either a way to fix this noise (short of just not lifting my mouse or equally bad idea), or knows another good mouse that isn't as loud, I would be very appreciative. Also one with a better scroll wheel (has real steps, doesn't randomly decide to scroll an extra 2 steps or just not scroll as far as I tell it to).