I wanted to share with you this idea I had for a new Quake Live mode!. Ok so basically it goes like this:

Each map there is going to be one player who gets ultra godmode. When he gets it you hear the megahealth sound being repeated over and over again while his healthlevel and armour level go up to a hundred-thousand. This player also gets to do a 1000 damage per hit with all his weapons, making him able to kill everyone with one hit and making his rockets kill everyone within a 20 meter radius.

The goal is for the rest of the players to try to stand together with atleast fifty procent of the players on the server in one spot. If that happens they fuse and give their miracle-emerald hearts to one chosen player who then turns to ultra godmode and battles it out with the the other ultra godmode player.. Whoever wins gets to be the only one with godmode player mode. He can decide to be good and put it in a pot. Or use it as a force of evil and rape the others till they form a love triangle.

Please expand on this idea if you like. What do you guys think?