A great rivalry 10 years festering… An epic battle for honour and frags…Two of South Africa South Africa’s greatest and most respected Quakelive teams; the Anti-clan [nDc] and /xTc/, bringers of fear and madness, will take each other on in a true clash of the titans.

South Africa /xTc/ M4nimal, leader of Xperts@Total.Chaos: "Our motto is, LIVE UNTIL YOU DIE, which is exactly what you'll be doing"

South Africa [nDc] Disrupt0r, leader of No Damn Clan Quake division: “What will count tonight is not the size of [nDc] in the fight, it's the size of the fight in [nDc]”

Tonight at 9PM GMT +2, tune into twitch/ZA_Quakelive to watch as these leviathans engage in combat all the more terrifying for its cold and systematic slaughter. It’s time to settle a grudge recorded in the annals of Quake history. This isn't a clan match. This is war.