Over the years, I've experienced my fair share of trolling in multiplayer games. Unfortunately, Quake and its sequels are no different in their immunity to this behavior. I'm making this post because of something that happened to me in public CA yesterday.

I selected a server close to my location that was still in warmup mode. I soon noticed that one of the players on my team had a whopping 250 ping. Basic math suggests the team with this player will lose. To be fair to everybody involved I called a shuffle vote. Many players declined the shuffle. I tried again and the same thing happened. Feeling like I had little options left I tried voting for this player to be kicked. Before the vote could even finish the enemy team all pressed f3.

What followed is what you imagine would happen. The HPB quit halfway through the match and instead of anybody moving to spectator they continued the brutal unfair beating that resulted in a 10-0 victory. Before it ended, I quit out to see if there were any other servers available. Finding nothing, I went back to the server I was just on.

This is where some of the harassment started. One of the leading enemies, Hannity, started making fun of me for leaving the match. I ignored him and called vote for a shuffle. Once again, it was declined and they all pressed f3. The new player on my team had a decent ping, but what I soon found out is that he could only earn 1 point per round and is Tier 2 at most. I'm not blaming him, I'm instead blaming the people who are deliberately declining the shuffle. Much like the previous match it was landslide victory for them.

Now here is where the trolling starts going wild. Hannity (the player who was berating me) joins Spectator to let his clan member, Lou_Dobbs, in. They decline shuffle and f3. I ask them why they are not shuffling and a player named howdarkwepray (who has less than 4 hours of play on his account) said "what's the problem friends can't play together?" and then Hannity chimes in with "YEA I KNOW RIGHT". Throughout the match Hannity, Olbermann and Lou_Dobbs continually harass me, mentioning over and over again that I'm terrible and I should quit out like I did in an earlier off balance match. They obviously won again; they declined shuffle next map.

The harassment continued but the new development is that a player on my team, named storm__, was shooting me and fellow teammates with rockets and lightning throughout the match. In addition, a player named tigereyes joined their team. In spite of only having 14 hours of play, he dealt more damage than any of the OnR members. Needless to say it was another loss.

Not going to investigate this any further, I'm just going to conclude that they do this often. Clan OnR and their buddies sabotage as many matches as they can by declining shuffles, harassing, continuing off balance matches and deliberately telling friends to join opposing teams to shoot at the players.

Can't say for sure if it's coincidence or that they're all connected but here are their names again: howdarkwepray (new), tigereyes (new), storm__, -OnR- Hannity, -OnR- Olbermann and -OnR- Lou_Dobbs. Don't expect a shuffle if you see them on. It's a sad state of events.