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Rating: 8.8 (120 votes)
Finally, after almost 2 years since the demo call post, I am proud to present my fourth quakelive movie - PixelBeat. While working on this movie, I kept in mind all the consructive criticism I recieved from my previous works, I have also focused on a couple of things, especially speed and flow.

From 986 demos I recieved, I gave an OKAY to 170 demos. From these, only a handful of 43 demos ended up in the movie. That's 4% of the initial amount. That being said, I expected much more from the community. Still, I did my best to showcase these best frags.

My special thanks go to phl (juvenile delinquency), whom I kept contact with throughout the whole editing period. Without his input and ideas the movie wouldn't be the same.

Previous movies: Zero, Seventeen, Afterspray
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