In first match of the quarterfinals, Finland xentorium took a win over Slovenia mamut and progressed to semifinals where they will meet strong team of Russia iP. Second quarterfinal match is yet to be played. All additional info about playoff matches will be updated in this post.

Update: Cup has come to an end and we have a final 3 spots for EC XXIV. 4Kings have taken first spot with all matches won where they dropped only one map in the finals. Second spot took iP with very good run where only one map was dropped until final game. aCtion deservedly took third spot after winning strong team of xt in bronze final match.

All VODs and match reports can be found in EC XXIV coverage post or by browsing EC XXIV cup page.

Final Standings:
1. cup_gold Europe 4Kings
2. cup_silver Russia incredible Panic
3. cup_bronze Sweden aCtion Ligan
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