Note that I`ll allow everyone to be entitled to their opinion in this thread. I was just curious and searching for explanations, as to why some think Quake 4 is a better game than Quake 2.

I notice when some people are asked to list their favored Quakes in order, they put Q2 after Q4, yet they never explain why. To me Q4 felt very slow compared to Q2, even with a higher FOV, I always felt more "in action" in Q2. It also lacked several gameplay elements prominent in the previous Quakes, which took modifications to get implemented. They took liquids like water, lava, etc. out for who knows what reason. It`s just not what Quake should be imo. (And BTW, I understand mods like Q34A add such elements back into the game - but it should`t have been removed in the first place)

Maybe I am missing something that`s not very obvious?

(Posting this in Q4, as it has more activity)