You are all gamers... you are all against cheating (as demonstrated by your many vehement anti-cheater posts). It is safe to say then, that if you made the laws of society, you would prefer a society of fairness to one of freedom?

As opposed to the extreme version of liberalism, would it be better to employ as much liberalism as possible, within the boundaries of honor? In a completely liberal society, sometimes what happens is you get more oppression than you would in a fair society. Drugs are a primary example of exactly that. There is nothing legitimate about the persecution of drug-users... the crime against such people is so severe, it is sometimes called 'the worst policy since slavery'. In a fair society, drug-users would not be so persecuted. It is through absolute liberalism, whereby the brainwashing of stupid people is allowed, and as such, causes such terrible repression to exist. So... is it possible, more liberty can actually be achieved through a system of fairness, as opposed to a system of pure liberty?