Could it be that id software has racist beliefs? Surely they would have cracked down on repeat offenders after years of this behavior: Especially considering av8r has been invited into syncerror's games with .403 on fridays dating back to last year. So syncerror surely knows about it.

Case in point

1. Av8r

He's been using those binds including his ho ho ho n*ggers for 3 years now.

2. Kroox (now banned)

I ask adam pyle aka Syncerror; Associate producer of Quake Live (not manager as he'd like it be known, so all blame can go upwards to stratton and hollenshead instead despite his own failures) . Do you plan on cracking down on racism or does your company endorse it?

inb4: stop whining this is quake lve, etc etc etc

latest edit:

that shows him having done it for at least 1 1/2 years

[UPDATE: Kroox is back as Sola. Rinse and repeat. banning people is pointless in quake live... cooloutac is correct about the alt account issue destroying any legitimacy this game had.