As Reloaded VII draws near our online Divisional Duel Competition has almost finished. Our online competition also has the luxury of a first place prize of paid flights to the LAN event in July. Below are the upper bracket semi finals and finals of the Online competition feature Voxe Eminor Australia Tim "zlr" Shey, MindFreak.Razer Australia Peter "Ventz" Kidson and Frazer "Fraze" Hockley.

As most of you already know the Quake Live scene has flat lined a lot and I have seen some of you look at Australia/NZ like "hey they're doing great". The truth is we've flat lined just as much and even with the continuous efforts from the 4sg team it still feels like things are being slightly put to waste. Our Facebook and Youtube channel need a lot more supporting views if sponsors are willing to continue with us. While many of you do enjoy our work and give us constant feedback our time zones really affect international audiences. We would love if the word was spread of our work as we will be sending players again this year to Quakecon in hope of a bigger and brighter future.

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