Hey guys some of you may have heard of me before from the australian scene 4sg. I have found through out my course of running online and local tournaments that a lot of people in the field are often scared to ask the community questions. I understand about pride and what not but working with the communities is often what I find leads to success and moving forward.

I have come to you all today to ask some simple questions about competitions in order to get some creative or simple ideas from some of you community guys that get to watch things from a different perspective.

This will be an open thread and help greatly towards the directions of myself and my organisation and will give even other community owners and tournament organisers the chance to do some reading an improving.

Firstly if we can talk about online competitons. I want to know what are some of your biggest pet hates, what types of tournaments you enjoy to play in. For example I really really really hate trying to find player demos for tournaments. Sure the occasional person will upload their demo to esr but let's say I want to find a particular players pov from a final I can't find it. And as for tournaments I really enjoy the one day duel comps, but then for teamm competitions I prefer the week by week format with one day playoffs at the end.

Next id like to hear your thoughts lan competitons. If you attend what are your most enjoyable experiences, do you prefer byoc or lan cafes, why would you go to spectate an event if you're not playing, what type of tournament format do you like participating in etc.

Lastly for the organisers, what do you find is the worst thing about trying to play in a competition? Lack of following rules ? Poor communication between admins? Specs chatting on vod streams? Lack of coverage? No news about it? Don't listen to what players want eg: map pool?

Thanks for any help or feedback you give me. If you have some good ideas you don't wish to share publicly talk to me in private here or I'm.