I've been involved in the Quake scene since 1998 and since then there's was always talk about how Quake is dead/dieing. I played a lot of Quake 2 from 2000-2003 and we thought the scene was dead then, there's still a scene 7-10 years later and it's smaller than what it was when I was playing so it really makes me look back and wish I just enjoyed it more instead of worrying about how it was dead.

Quake is as dead as you want it to be. Right now QuakeLIVE is far from dead considering the number of tournaments just this summer alone. If you want a scene to do better, run a tournament. If you're not playing or taking the game serious because you think it's dead, you'll only be sorry years later when you realize it wasn't dead at all.

Stop complaining and do something. The scene lives on because of people who run tournaments, write stories, make videos, design maps, do podcasts(special thanks to Ready Up Radio). Get off your ass and do something!

Remember: Doom 2 still has players, QuakeWorld has players, Quake 2...