There hasn't been much noise around warsow Waržow lately outside of our own community. We have been quietly working on the next major release (0.55), preparing some nice new features and improving on Waržow's style. A quick refresher for those who don't know: Waržow is (still) a free and fastpaced cel-shaded cartoony FPS, inspired by a mix of classics such as QuakeWorld, CPM and Jetset Radio.

In the area of visuals, textures, maps, sounds and models plenty has been improved and/or updated. Weapons have been revamped, the HUD has seen some updates. Waržow will feature a real soundtrack, and some of the game announcers have been re-done. The engine has seen many improvements over the past months as well.

Anyway, this message is nothing more than a small sneak peak of what we've been working on. Waržow's development team has not been sitting still. Hope to see you soon!

For an idea of what's to come, I have attached some screenshots of some of the new or improved maps. For more detailed information on what's new, keep an eye on Waržow's devblog, follow Waržow on Twitter Twitter (@tweetsow) or simply wait for the official release of Warsow 0.55 (soonę!).