Okay I saw inception last Friday, on the facevalue

+ its a movie that keeps you glued to the screen, very captivating
+ great score by Hans Zimmer.
+ somewhat original plot, though has some things in common with both dark city and matrix.
+ good acting from everyone but Ellen Page, she felt a little mis-cast for that role, still okay.

- Some parts of the plot has little / no explanation causing some holes in the otherwise neatly woven fabric

However, as I go over the movie I have a few questions that will need a second viewing and some are intentionally unanswered, it will good to have a retard-free discussion on this (No H3artless and such trolls are allowed)

1. Why choose such weird names for characters, is that a clue to something, most of the names were very different from standard Christian names.
2. why Saito looks progressively older with each dream level but no one else does ?
3. Is the whole thing in Domm's dream as the movie cuts with the top still spinning, is there other clues in the movie that I might have missed suggesting it or the contrary.

overall movie leaves a few puzzles as memento did as well.