Was watching an old match (Rapha vs Noctis noless) with the old LG hitboxes and noticed a significant increase in beeps (in other words accuracy) and although I played with the old hitboxes, I don't really remember how the accuracies came up.

My LG is pretty decent now but I don't remember there being a significant advantage with the old hitboxes (most likely to do with damage though) and have no idea what I used to hit so have nothing really to base of accuracy differences. With strong LGers like Strenx and Stermy, how much did they used to hit % wise compared to now because as far as I can tell it's not a huge difference and was thinking to myself that as many others have suggested, going back to the old hitbox might level the playing field in terms of aggression/defense

Anyway, just a little food for thought. Brings up the old argument of is Quake an aim game or a brain game

edit: just to clarify since people are having a mardy, I don't mind either way which way the hitboxes are since I'm happy with both. I agree that the new ones reward better aim but the old ones as people have mentioned were more 'fun' to play on and may have given people in control a little more advantage