Hey there, you might know me from doing some of what you've called beginner-lol-newb posts here on ESReality recently, this isn't about that.

My name's Adrian, I'm 24 and I'm beginning to get a grasp of Quake Live Dueling. I've played some Q3 but that's nothing to mention really, it's a duel here and there and all I pretty much knew was how the maps looked.

Now, I'm putting my time in. I'm getting mentoring from funnyb(or carrot whatever, irl buddy) for the basics, I'm studying demos(98% cooller, all bow for the king, he really is amazing to watch) for hints and tips and I'm constantly working on my mistakes

But give me a reason here. I'm working on the basics given to me by funnyb, basically pokertraining put into quake perspective.

Shardplay(playing shortstacked?)
And being aggressive at the right time.

Now, why does it seem like most of the average players I play, rely so much on 50/50 situations? Being the underdog stack and weaponwise, most people try to spam a few grenades,then charge and hope that one of those random ejected projectiles will even up the fight for them. Why? It's like calling an all-in preflop with QQ in a tourney against the bigstack.

Is this due to insecureness? Is it smart? Would you guys advice me to? I'm doing my best to learn, nothing of what I'm writing here is in anyway supposed to be trolling or winding people up. I'm trying to grasp how and why people do what they do, and if I'm the stupid one for not doing it? I understand that, just like in poker, if you are down in a bad situation with time running out you will have to take risks to stand a chance. But doing it all game long? It's a typical low-limit poker behaviour, people avoid playing flops because they got no idea how to read or handle their opponents following actions, so they put all their money on a risk.

Sorry for all the poker references, I'm a pokerplayer myself and I can really relate QL dueling so many situations in poker.
Thanks in advance.