I''ve used alsorts of mice in the past, I bought and changed them regularly until I realised that I loved the Optical wheel mouse 1.1a. I've used the Optical wheel mouse for some years now, maybe 5.
I'm maybe fancying a change with the mouse because this one is getting abit old and worn but still performs perfectly so I thought I'd consider my options having noticed theres lots more gaming focused mice available now. Also, my brothers bday's coming up and he's a gamer so I was thiking of ordering him one as well. I play QL and he plays WoW and QL so he needs more buttons than I do, I'm ok with just the two :)
So whats the way forward? Steel series? Razor? or stick with the MS? For me, tracking is crusial, being able to track big fast sweeps is a must. Also, I love the short sensor response of the 1.1a sensor - not having to pick the mouse up off the pad very high to stop it tracking. I also like the weight (being very light) and that its shape for grip. I think the 1.1a's going to be hard to replace for me :)
Look forward to your input, thanks.