Scheduled: 04:00 CDT, 21 June 2009 to 07:00 CDT, 21 June 2009
Schedule: Passed

Averatec-Intel Classic Season 3 will run for 20 weeks from March 29, 2009. Unlike most of the other StarCraft leagues, there will be no preliminary matches, all matches are considered as a part of the knockout tournament. Averatec-Intel Classic Season 3 will be broadcasted live in English by Korea (Republic of) Daniel "SuperDanielMan" Lee, Mexico "SuperRageMan" & United States of America Nick "Tasteless" Plott.
In the round-of-16 GOMtv will only show 2 matches in a best-of-3 format on each Sunday. Possibly with a guest-appearance by "SuperRageMan" (see picture) the third 2 matches will be:

04:00 CDT, 21 June 2009
SC_Terran MVP (not ranked) Woongjin Stars -vs- SC_Terran Berserker (aka Iris) (#25) CJ ENTUS (BET) 1 2 3
SC_Protoss Tempest (#34) KTF MagicNs -vs- SC_Zerg MenSol[ZerO] (#11) Woongjin Stars (BET) 1 2 3
Maporder: God's Garden - Heartbreak Ridge (for the Bunny of Fun) - Outsider