Scheduled: 04:00 CDT, 29 March 2009 to 08:00 CDT, 29 March 2009
Schedule: Passed

Guess what - it's BACK!
LIVE on 04:00 CDT, 29 March 2009

Averatec-Intel Classic Season 3 will run for 20 weeks from March 29, 2009.
Unlike most of the other StarCraft leagues, there will be no preliminary matches, all matches are considered as a part of the knockout tournament.

Just like Averatec-Intel Classic Season 2 which was enjoyed by people from around 190 countries, Averatec-Intel Classic Season 3 will be also broadcast live in English by Korea (Republic of) Daniel Lee & United States of America Nick "Tasteless" Plott.

This week will feature the following Round of 128 matches (matchlist with images):
SC_Terran ToSsGirL (STX SOUL) -vs- SC_Zerg Casey (Samsung Khan) 1 2 3
United States of AmericaSC_Terran idra (CJ ENTUS) -vs- SC_Protoss Trap (STX SOUL) 1 2 3
SC_Protoss Rage (Air Force ACE) -vs- SC_Protoss perfectman (Hwaseung OZ) 1 2 3
SC_Terran ClouD (Air Force ACE) -vs- SC_Terran Fire (Woongjin Stars) 1 2 3

Also on April 5th top 64’s 1st round will be played, and starting from the April 12th the mobilization of top 32 players in full force will be witnessed. Read the full article here.