Is anyone here able to play at the default rate of 125hz with the WMO 1.1a?

Shit is extremely sharpy. If you move your mouse in circles you notice it loads.

It still happens with 250hz, the only way to play without this annoying effect is by pumping it up to 500hz.

Now I keep hearing how overclocking a USB port to 500hz can damage the MB/mouse (specially because this mouse is really old). My MB is Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6 so I guess there wouldn't be no problem when dealing with higher rates. I just want to be sure the mouse isn't going to stop responding because of being abused at 500hz, but i've always thought it was safe.

I don't get how people that has played in tournaments where hidusbf wasn't allowed managed to play at 125hz (afaik Stermy being one of those).