That's right, and here's why;
Let's compare the elements of a quake game to an actual sport:

Aim – present in almost every sport (football, basketball, baseball, tennis, boxing......)

Movement – all sports (bar chess)

Tactics – all sports

Timekeeping - ???

I dare you to find one sport where the competitor is supposed to do timekeeping by himself and manually calculate and remember times. Find one sport. Go ahead.
That's right, there aren't any. Ever wondered why?

The answer is - because it hinders the game. While an athlete would normally concentrate on game dynamics, he'd now have to be occupied with a completely unnecessary task taking his attention away from the action. That's why they have round clappers in boxing, shot clocks in basketball and chessclocks in chess.

And before you idiots scream BUT TIEMING IS TEH SKILL LULZ, yes it is, so is reciting the alphabet backwards, paying taxes and collecting stamps. It's also boring and shitty and makes people not want to play the game.

And guess what? Automatic item timers already exist in Quake3. They're called coaches. That's right, if you already have some guy spamming QUAD IN 5!!, why not just have it as a standard feature? Why not have an automatic countdown for items presuming you've seen/heard them being taken? Or do you think individual players should not have coaches? That's right hypocrites, there is no difference.

also before you whine read this: