Lots of announcements!!!

There are talks of a Quake World 1v1 or 2v2 tournament in the future. In preparation, I am posting a link to the best QW client out there and some extra files for the client:
EZQuake.SourceForge.net & EZQuake Download + Skins

TCPM Warsow 1v1 Feb '09 - #Warsow.Pickup
The first will be the first of the Warsow series of tournaments. Inspired by those who gather their power at #Warsow.Pickup
This will be held with in the first two weeks of February. Date is not final yet!

TourneyCPM '09 Opener 4v4 CTF - #USCPMPickup & #CPMPickup
The second and finally here, as still the main event and reason for this address being here: Quake 3 CPMA 4v4 CTF!
So now, the scramble for teams to gather and leaders to be born or reawaken begins!

Take a look at a preview of the promotional video made by xano0ch:
TourneyCPM CTF Mini Promo (Save first for best results)

Please feel free to check out the TourneyCPM official website!