Full Screenshot

I currently use this setup on my Desktop & Tablet PC. It took about a month to completely finish customizing my previously nLited Win XP TPC and this is the final result. What can I say, I'm a control freak :)

Theme // Retrofukation (Reskin)
Litestep // Custom skin
Miranda IM // Custom skin, srmm_mite.dll
Icons // Squash (Hue shift)
Firefox 3 // Icons & Skin, Tiny Menu, Startpage
Irfanview // Icons Reshacked, Compact Menu, ini Tweak
Foobar 2K // Reshacked, Custom UI
Win Explorer // Reshacked, Reg Tweaks
uTorrent // Icons Reshacked
Calculator // Icons, ini Tweak
Netmeter // Icons & ini Tweak
Notepad // Compact Menu
Run & Shutdown // Reshacked

Not shown:
Custom Boot screen
Custom System Tray Icons // OSX Style Tray Icons
Reshacked DLL // batmeter.dll / comdlg32.dll / msgina.dll / mydocs.dll / shell32.dll / stobject.dll / user32.dll / xpsp2res.dll