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Carmack on Display / Input latency (63 comments)
Posted by Rizzo @ 11:29 CDT, 8 June 2011 - iMsg
Interesting 20 min interview with John Carmack with topics ranging from:

- gaming consoles impact on the PC market
- the limitations of using hardware abstraction layer
- opinions on latency (30 vs 60 vs 120hz)
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1CC (16 comments)
Posted by Rizzo @ 12:06 CDT, 4 October 2010 - iMsg
1CC Short for “one-credit completion” or “one-credit clear”

I deleted my QL account on August 6th and since then I have been playing almost exclusively arcade games. Below is a quick list of games I managed to 1CC over the years. Being a purist I never watch superplays or any kind of videos prior to clearing the game myself. I am really interested if there are any shmup players on ESR and whats on your list?

Progear No Arashi
Midnight Wanderers (Three Wonders)
Chariot (Three Wonders)
Pang 3
Snow Bros
Spin Master

I am using Arcade stick (Seimitsu) and Dell 2007wfp (IPS). There are a few tricks that can give you almost perfect 15khz look on a LCD screen. The key words are: prescale, cleanstretch and scanline overlays
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Wireless Seimitsu MOD (4 comments)
Posted by Rizzo @ 12:48 CST, 21 November 2009 - iMsg
Joystick: Seimitsu LS-32
Buttons: Seimitsu PS-14-G-N

I mostly play shmups & 3S so the seimitsu was better choice because of the shorter throw. The case & PCB are from the original stick, 40$ Pro Fighthing Stick.

I had to melt parts of the plastic frame to fit the stick and the button screw-ins :) Removed the goofy artwork and painted the top metal plate matte black.
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Pimp my Desktop (65 comments)
Posted by Rizzo @ 17:39 CST, 5 January 2009 - iMsg

Full Screenshot

I currently use this setup on my Desktop & Tablet PC. It took about a month to completely finish customizing my previously nLited Win XP TPC and this is the final result. What can I say, I'm a control freak :)

Theme // Retrofukation (Reskin)
Litestep // Custom skin
Miranda IM // Custom skin, srmm_mite.dll
Icons // Squash (Hue shift)
Firefox 3 // Icons & Skin, Tiny Menu, Startpage
Irfanview // Icons Reshacked, Compact Menu, ini Tweak
Foobar 2K // Reshacked, Custom UI
Win Explorer // Reshacked, Reg Tweaks
uTorrent // Icons Reshacked
Calculator // Icons, ini Tweak
Netmeter // Icons & ini Tweak
Notepad // Compact Menu
Run & Shutdown // Reshacked

Not shown:
Custom Boot screen
Custom System Tray Icons // OSX Style Tray Icons
Reshacked DLL // batmeter.dll / comdlg32.dll / msgina.dll / mydocs.dll / shell32.dll / stobject.dll / user32.dll / xpsp2res.dll
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Rizzo Q3HUD (7 comments)
Posted by Rizzo @ 03:49 CDT, 2 October 2006 - iMsg
Edited by Rizzo at 04:19 CDT, 2 October 2006 - 4588 Hits
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