TourneyCPM Website

Maverick has set up all the online space needed to host all the series' matches, and collect stats for the players. Just the other day we finished setting up the servers, and the stats will begin before the signups open. They are as follows:

The international super finals will be held on the United States of America New York City and United Kingdom London servers. One round on each to make it fair for all.

:: Schedule
The TourneyCPM series schedule has been established for the next three months:
Late November: 1v1
Mid December: CTF
Mid January: NTF

:: Updates
There has been quite a few updates in terms of admins and reps, here are the updated lists:

If you wish to influence how this series unfolds, do not hesitate to message me or any of the admins on esr ESReality or mIRC #tourneycpm.

:: Shoutcasting
Another exciting piece of news is that we have found a shoutcaster for the events! Canada Luis "lsv" Sastre will be screaming his lungs out over the event and don't be surprised if he Dj's too. MaverickServers will be hosting the shoutcasting as well. lsv is looking for a partner for the event, he has a few people in mind, but if you think you are up to the job, message him or me in the channel.

Last but not least, the website is being forged soon, only a few weeks to work on it, so the essentials first! Hosting is being arranged as you read.

Community channels: mIRC #uscpmpickup, #cpmpickup, #promode, #esreality,,