Are you bored making Quake2 all the time step by step? Here is the Quick Quake2 installer for you. All what you need to do is to download Quick Quake2 installer, install on your disc and play the game!

Download Quick Quake2 Installer, install the game and enjoy it! Quick Quake2 installer have under Quake2 / Multiplayer / join network server, servers only for beginners. Of course this installer is for everyone not just for beginners. Are you asking your self what will cost you? What to setup? How long will it take to set/download everything? The only thing that actually will cost you is less then 10mins of waiting to download the game.

"If you have no chance of actually killing your enemy I advice you retreating when you can't survive a direct hit rocket. It's a easy enough rule to follow. If both are low, take a chance if you really need the frag. Don't attack a fully stacked enemy with only 100 health and no armor, and don't expect to kill a fully stacked enemy at first attack. It usually takes more than one attack/retreat series to kill an enemy in control. Be patient, your chance will come sooner or later."

More of "newbie guide to 1v1" you can find it in Quick Quake2 installation!

Quake2 is created with Q2demo + 3.20v. All files are legal.