It is been over a week since QuakeCon's final was played but not everything about it has been written. The story of the closing show of QuakeCon did not quite make it to the esports press until today.

A new video and a column by Carmac show an interesting perspective on an event where they encourage people to leave before the QuakeLive final starts and players have to wait three hours to start playing.

Here is a mandatory quotation from the article:
Then we sat through over an hour of Guitar Hero 3, a Quake tattoo show, a quick draw match, a Bawls drinking contest, about an hour or more of t-shirt throwing and contests for the first people to bring a bra / a pokemon item / whatever else to Marty Stratton for a Corvette lottery ticket. The list is longer but I would rather forget than remember the items on it.

The finalists sat tired and hungry, and jetlagged in the case of Cypher, as this dragged on for three hours while Hollenshead and Stratton took their sweet time entertaining the public.

You can read the entire thing right here.