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q2 (hSb), q3ctf (hSb), q3tdm (M5) and former admin/staff. Also did the Pro Gamer section for the monthly Belgian paper press magazine Chief.

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Re: Fatal1ty Talks QuakeLive & Summer Ca
Posted @ 08:21 GMT 7 Jun 2009
The interview is pretty interesting, but I was constantly distracted by the pric
Re: ESWC Masters of Athens SEEDS & GROUP
Posted @ 12:03 GMT 11 Oct 2008
Good to see Dird is right on the mark as usual.
Re: CZM and 519 part ways
Posted @ 06:20 GMT 27 Aug 2008
Thumbs up for czm for sticking to his game, consistency is the least you expect
Re: QCon: where Guitar Hero beats Quake
Posted @ 09:07 GMT 13 Aug 2008
Sorry for wanting to have standards, instead of going with any kind of rubbish.
Re: QCon: where Guitar Hero beats Quake
Posted @ 00:30 GMT 13 Aug 2008
It brings [url=]bad[/ur
Re: QCon: where Guitar Hero beats Quake
Posted @ 22:42 GMT 12 Aug 2008
Awful demeanor. Two of the players we regard highly are treated as random nobodi
Re: Quad Damage Finals Videos: Quake1
Posted @ 21:38 GMT 6 Aug 2007
In Antwerp they make noise when a black player has the ball.
Re: Sync Arena
Posted @ 12:53 GMT 27 Jan 2007
This should have an epilepsy warning. Great exercise in style.
Re: WCG: Cypher vs av3k
Posted @ 13:06 GMT 17 Oct 2006
I can't believe av3k is winning this bet - Cypher has been out of the picture fo
Re: Vote for the WCG Quake 4 All Stars
Posted @ 07:39 GMT 29 Aug 2006
Based on merit: Toxic, Cooller, Ztrider, Cypher, av3k, Socrates_, Forever, LoSt_
Re: Fatal1ty & PMS Clan Interviews
Posted @ 10:41 GMT 21 Dec 2005
I've started to like him because he is one of the few ones to speak quite fluent
Re: PK is dead
Posted @ 00:50 GMT 23 Nov 2005
Quake 4 can never be as fast as PK, these finals were amazing. Next year will be
Re: eswc2005 Movie by fnaZk`Lasen
Posted @ 14:56 GMT 4 Sep 2005
Nicely done! The 3D parts were impressive.
Re: aaXess - By tewic
Posted @ 13:20 GMT 4 Sep 2005
You're a great asset to our country.
Re: pope?
Posted @ 12:18 GMT 8 Apr 2005
Catholicism is like Painkiller: filled with empty promises, force-fed by a highe
Re: FOE ut2004 nw tdm movie
Posted @ 15:09 GMT 18 Mar 2005
That file size is simply ridiculous.
Re: VirtuositY Q3 Movie released by Liqu
Posted @ 17:15 GMT 3 Mar 2005
[q]The "Requiem for a Dream" song is called Overdose by GMS[/q] No, it's GMS
Re: VirtuositY Q3 Movie released by Liqu
Posted @ 23:28 GMT 2 Mar 2005
Yes it is, Overdose doesn't sound anything like it.
Re: Q5 - Reborn by Mr. White
Posted @ 12:18 GMT 9 Apr 2004
This is the most amazing game movie I have ever seen. I'm completely speechless,
Re: Interview :: arQon
Posted @ 22:39 GMT 16 Feb 2003
arQon puts it very well, not arrogantly, but to the point and he has an interest
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