Paul "The Dream is over for my teammates" "Crazy Man" Nelson has amicably agreed with the organization of 519 that the two have no future together.

After bearing the brunt of a stunning series of upsets at the ESWC finals czm, a mathematics major from PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, an Ivy League school, somehow mustered the strength to soundly destroy EG.chance, his teammate, in a stunning comeback series of utmost skill and precision railing, THUS KNOCKING HIS TEAMMATE OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT FOR NO GOD DAMN APPARENT REASON. ALL HE NEEDED TO DO WAS DROP ONE MAP AND CHANCE WOULD GO

After 10 minutes of solid powerhouse aiming and movement on pro-q3tourney4, czm proudly announced "QED", which some may know is the mathematical equivalent of saying "Suck it, bitch".

519 frowns on such showboating in tournaments, and clan leader and internet icon DjWheat was heard to declaim "Is he fucking RETARDED?" because, well, it was worse than when Gator pummeled bitchslayer to cost 519 a win over czm's former team, clan Kapitol.

QED indeed czm, QED indeed.
That is, you just handed in a 20,000 page proof of why you are a gigantic douchebag. Then yes, QED.

Note: edited for those who don't understand subtlety.