So I just got Q4 from new egg for like $12... legit right? WRONG.

I install it, all goes well, install the 1.42 update.

I get frame lag during online and offline play.

MY COMPUTER RUNS CALL OF DUTY 4 SMOOTHER, and COD4 is a more system demanding game.

Athlon 3200+ (2.2ghz)
Nvidia 9600 OC'd to 685.
2 gigs of ram + running eboostr for more simulated ram.

I am running some other applications on my 2nd monitor, so I can see who is talking on Team speak, Xfire, AIM, Skype and Outlook. All of which have no effect on COD4 or Q3A.

I am stumped as to why my system is lagging and chopping up the FPS for Q4...

Anyone got any ideas?