Last weekend the Dutch ESWC qualifier in Quake 3 Arena has been played. With an exciting finale from Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager versus Lemmy "If-22" de Groot, in which IF-22 came out as the superior player.

How ever, the ESWC was so thrilled about the final, they decided that Vo0 should also be given a chance to ESWC USA. So there for they given the second spot also a ticket for the grand finales. Even thought Vo0 has to pay up his own trip.

Ofcourse not everybody is happy with this, because Ivo 'Forever' Lindhout states on GameLux that this is just not a fair way to distribute prizes. (The news hub of WSquared). How ever Forever did not attent the event. Because he didn't know there was a second prize.

Here is a part translated, quoted and cutted from what he had to say:

As since we of ESreality do care about our users and their public opinion. We have also made a poll about it. You can just vote here.