Hello everyone, I finally have had time to play the newest Quake. I am a fan of Quake and TF. I have the newest patch for q4 1.4.23 and I am running it at 1440X900 res, 2x AA, Ultra High quality settings. I have a old Audigy one sound card so I cant run EAX. Dual CPU option is on. Well I started a game and at the first Auto save it crashes. The image will stay on the screen for a second and the my monitor will go black but I will hear a sound loop until I restart the comp. Any help would be appreciated. I have the latest drivers for everything I might have to check on System board chipset drivers but I dought that is it. Here are my comp stats:

AMD 64 X2 3800+
1 Gig Corsair Value Select Ram.
ATI HD 2600 XT
Sound Blaster Audigy
KDS 22" monitor
Sennheiser HD 515.