Updated: 07.09.08

Most here have been playing VANILLA Quake 4 1.4.2 for a longer period of time now but no pure 1.4.2 bug, issues and wish thread is made (except for the first impression/bugs list, which got 90% Q4Max issues in it). So I though I'd start one containing everything the majority have taken up and mostly agreed on.

SyncError asked for feedback on his mail in a former thread:
If anyone has an opinion on the matter email me, syncerror@idsoftware.com.
but i think most players just write replies here on this forum instead of actually mailing issues, bugs or wishes to him. Since SyncError reads these threads it might be a good idea to list all issues, bugs and wishes about VANILLA Q4 that might need fixing/alteration/changing. And discuss things where no conclution is made.

So please keep this thread to VANILLA Q4 issues/bugs, wishes and NOT mod related issues (got tons of those already)

Here is a sum-up of the issues, bugs and gameplay wishes reported (spread over a couple of dosen threads) where most players agree.