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Rating: 7.6 (35 votes)
- Legendary -
Edited by fei of Shaolin Productions
Performed by mrworm

mrworm's memory capsule, released for your viewing pleasure.

Tried to show the content, fast and pretty was the only goal. Test of a certain quality and look, if you like trance and cpm movement, you might like this.

A balance of sync: unnoticeable and non-existent. A balance of effects: inconsistent mixed with some ineffective. :D Theme-matic colouring, subtle. Clean editing - means I'm lazy in this case - plus I designed for myself and forgot the audience mostly. Hopefully its still enjoyable if only for the quality and content.

A couple fast captures, a couple vq3 randomly mixed in, but mostly cpm defrag runs. At time of recording a few of the runs were World Records.

FPS ranges from 2000-6400fps with q3mme 1.4

Legendary is available in four different codecs, all listed for download @ own-age;