My first Journal on ESR so here it goes:
Would like to talk about the one of the first Q3 lan event with QTV support.

XSReality Invitational (XSi) tournament Jan 23rd, 2000

I've searched the whole web for all those demos a few years ago.
Can't even remember how i found them but i do remember that it took me a few days to download them all (2KB/s).

Unfortunately i've lost my connection at that time(lame ISP) and i didn't get the chance to watch XSi live. However i did see some demos of the event. Those demos are actually the reason i've spent so much time playing Quake 3. I can't explain it, but somehow i got hooked on Q3(yes VQ3) and I'm sure everyone has one of those demos that got him interested in Quake 3.

I recommend the XSi demopack to all the players that never seen how Quake 3 was played back in the old days:
DOOMer demopack
Fatal1ty demopack
Kane demopack
Lakerman demopack
Makaveli demopack
Shub demopack
Wombat demopack

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