The eswc ESWC Finals 2010 will take place from Thursday to Sunday at the New Port Bay hotel in France Disneyland Paris. The grand final will be played, just like all the other finals, on a main stage in a big chapiteau. Match in Best-of-three maps as the ESWC rule say.

Recently United States of America rapha won american EG Masters Cup and Poland av3k won swedish DreamHack Summer. av3k and rapha are both very strong players, the first fight in this tournament between them won rapha (group stage 2/group A). Who will be winning this time?

Casters on Levelup TV are United Kingdom Jay "2GD" Harding, Sweden Cyrus "proZaC" Malekani and United States of America Rod "Slasher" Breslau. Levelup TV VODs on

Final Rankings:
cup_gold 1st. United States of America rapha - $8,000
cup_silver 2nd. Poland av3k - $4,000
cup_bronze 3rd. Russia Cooller - $2,000
4th United States of America DaHang
Videos after Grand Final, Award Ceremony @ aAa, av3k Interview @ rakaka, rapha Interview @ SK.

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Videos: rapha Iview before semis from Liefje, Stermy Iview @ rakaka, Award Ceremony @ aAa, av3k Iview after final @ rakaka, rapha Iview after final @ SK
Demos & Config:, pov rapha, pov av3k (only grand final)
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