I'm not sure what will happen to QLTV. I've been responsible for about 95% of its content: organizing coverage, working with admins, teams and players, recording and producing the VODs, and, of course, being present for almost every broadcast.

When you tune into QLTV, it's usually my voice and my equipment that's carrying the stream out to viewers at home.

My vacation from broadcasting may be a bit open-ended as there's a LittleScotsman on the way and that whole fatherhood thing is pretty time-consuming, so I've been told. We'll have to wait and see if Jehar, Matt, Patrick or someone else steps into the main QLTV broadcaster role while I'm on break.

I doubt I will stop forever, though. Quake still runs through my veins and broadcasting has been a fantastic creative outlet for me for over 4 years now. As long as there are games to cover, you can rest assured I'll be shouting "Holy Shitballs!"
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